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Navratri 2021


Jai Gopal


On behalf of the Vanza Mandal Management Committee and Trustees it gives me great pleasure to write this newsletter outlining our plans for the next few months, in particular Navratri. First of all, can we express our thoughts and condolences to all those families and friends who have lost family members during the pandemic. We also express our thanks to all those volunteers and front-line workers many of whom are in our community who have put the needs of others before their own.


On an important note: we would also like to notify all our members that we have postponed our AGM to next year, allowing the current Committee to prepare and arrange the next few events. As you all know a lot of places are now open and many of the rules around social distancing have been relaxed. However, it is within our interest to be as safe as possible and as a result we have arranged our events accordingly.



We will only be celebrating Navratri at the East Ham Town Hall on the following dates and times. All the other Navratri days including Sharad Poonam will be celebrated on Zoom.


At East Ham Town Hall.


Friday         8th October     7pm to 11:30 pm

Saturday     9th October     7 pm and 11:30

Sunday       10th October   2pm to 6pm

Arti times will vary.


Please note the following:


  • That we still need to keep ourselves and others safe and if you feel comfortable wearing a mask then please do so as this is not mandatory.
  • If you or anyone in your group has Covid or any Symptoms then we kindly request that you DO NOT ATTEND.
  • We will be checking everyone’s temperature at the door and if it is above the Covid level, then you and your group will be REFUSED ENTRY.
  • Your name and contact details will be logged when you come in.
  • No guest will be allowed other than direct relatives as a result of marriage.
  • There will be maximum limit of 200 people who will be allowed in. Once this total is reached, we will only allow entry if someone leaves. This will apply even if you want to come in for Darshan
  • We request that you do not bring in your own prashad/ fruit. If you would like to offer prashad/ fruit you will be able to donate money towards the Prashad fund. This money will be kept separate and only used for prashad/ fruit. At the end of the festival any money left over will be donated to a mandir for them to use for prashad.


We apologise in advance for adopting this line but this in the interest of the safety of your family and others and in line with local policies.


All the other dates 7 October, 11-15 October, and the celebration of Sharad Poonam on Saturday 16th October will be celebrated via zoom. Details of the Zoom meetings can only be found on the Vanza Mandal Facebook Group Page


Or you can access it via the Vanza Mandal Facebook Page and then selecting the Group. This group is private and you will need to request access. This is to ensure that only members get the key information and provides added security. If anyone is having any difficulties then please send a message to or a WhatsApp message to the Vanza Mandal phone 07440 744096. (This phone is not manned so please just leave a message.)


Membership fees & Donations

Annual Membership fee is £5, or you can become a life member for £75 as long you are fully up to date with your membership including membership for 2018, 2019 and 2020.

We are now accepting online payments. Our Bank details as follows:

Name of Account:       Vanza Mandal

Sort Code:                   20-67-88
Account Number:       20924768

Reference Number:    Your name and description.

We request that you put name in the reference field and description for the money. In addition, can you also send an email to so that we can update our records and issue receipts. You can also make donations using the same details above.
Can you please also let us know if we can claim Gift Aid from the government, this will allow us to claim 25% on top of your donation. For example, of you donate £10 we can claim £2.50. If you require further details, please contact Pradeep Vaghela


Kindest Regards,

Rashmi Lalji Makwana

Secretary Vanza Mandal